ARTEINTEGRACJA. Intergenerational art workshops

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ARTEINTEGRATION Project - Intergenerational art workshops
Intergenerational workshops are an organized process of creating toys based on designs created there. The project aims at raising the beneficiaries’ sense of creativity and increasing their efficacy.
It has been invented to invite children and the elderly to have fun together.
Through a series of workshops on art and manual skills, 4 prototype toys will be designed and then  replicated by Seniors. The amount of toys produced will correspond to the number of orders for a given design from external contractors.
Completed toys will serve businesses and charitable organizations in the implementation of their own programs of social responsibility. Orders for the manufacture of toys will become a potential source of revenue for their Senior creators and will form a basis for promoting the idea of ​​social economy among this age group.

ARTEINTEGRACJA Project – Intergeneration art workshops - has been co-founded by "Social Activity for the Elderly" program by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Poland.

Contact to the project manager:

Anna Andrałojć - +48 691 309 469,

email: a.andralojc@voxhumana.pl